About Pranavam Ayurveda Treatment CentreWe are here to serve you.

Pranavam, our family-run Ayurveda Treatment Centre, is an extension of our home in the small village of Manipuram (near Calicut), Kerala. Here, we preserve the traditional essence of the great science of life. My guru, Brahmasree Valloor Sankaran Namboodiri is 95 years old and one of India's greatest Ayurvedic scholars and most respected toxic healers. He is part of a long succession of gurus who taught their shishyas (students) in the traditional master / apprentice way known as gurukula. After completing my degree I lived in a remote area of the Western Ghats with my guru, learning intensely from the source himself and refining my knowledge and practice before returning home, two and a half years later, to open Pranavam.

My wife, Dr. Diana Sreejith, comes from a lineage of female medicine women with her grandmother, mother and sister also practicing physicians; you could say that Ayurveda is in her bones. Patients often comment on Diana's profound healing ability and the way she intuitively understands their medical needs. Perhaps our daughter will also inherit her mother's gifts!

Ayurveda is the oldest continuing medical system in the world. It is often misunderstood as a pseudo-science or seen only in light of its miraculous effects of rejuvenation. But Ayurveda is a complete medical science. It differs from Western medicine in that Ayurveda considers the individual to be inextricably connected to the universe and therefore, diagnosis considers many lifestyle and environmental factors and medical treatment occurs on levels beyond the individual body itself.

Our philosophy is to treat the whole person – we care about your mental and spiritual health as much as your physical health. When you join us at Pranavam, Diana or I will give you a full medical assessment and recommend a course of treatment. You will then be looked after by us, as well as our medical and centre staff. Your treatment may be for a specific ailment or injury, or for a particular disease like diabetes, obesity or arthritis. Depending on your circumstance, we may recommend a full month-long mind and body purification treatment known as panchakarma. You can read more about Ayurveda treatments in our Treatments section.

Practicing Ayurveda is a privilege. We believe, as practitioners, we have an obligation to look after the health of our community. Among our many interests and projects we offer:

1. Live-in treatments and outpatient care from our local Muthambalam Treatment Centre (our original family home).

2. Free Consultation Clinics for locals in Koduvalley and Manipuram villages Monday to Saturday evenings.

Everybody at Pranavam is treated with kindness and respect ; everybody is part of our family. We look forward to you also becoming part of our extended family during your treatment or studies. All human activities, the ancient sages told us, are meant for the happiness of all living beings. My family and I extend a warm welcome to you with the knowledge that our treatments will bring you health and happiness.