Maternity & Child Care

As we are taking ayurveda as a highly developed philosophy, our aim is not only the improvements in the individuals health standards but also a whole uplifting of human civilization to make a healthy and vibrant this regard Pranavam Ayurveda hospital has a dream to fullfill in the immediate future - ‘healthy, physically strong, intelligent and beautiful mother and child’

In order to achieve this goal we have planned a special package for pregnant women called 'healthy mother and child'.

If a woman is taken care as the advices in ayurvedic texts and teachings, she will give birth to a child who does not have any diseases. A healthy, physically strong and well nourished baby, because the care of a child begins with the health of the parents. Moreover we provide medications and treatments to the mother from the period of conception to the delivery to avoid the complications of the pregnancy and to make the labor easy.

We also wishes to provide Postnatal care to regain the health and beauty of the mother and to ensure the purity and quality of the breast milk and Neonatal and pediatric care for the proper physical, mental and intellectual development of the child till sixteen years of age.

Let us join our hands with ayurveda to create a new generation who are the pioneers of tomorrow.

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